As a married couple, Tom and I understand the lengths all couples go to

to ensure their wedding day will be perfect.

From choosing the venue, the dress, the flowers etc etc,

every single piece of detail will play a

huge role in making your day memorable.


Trust us, your wedding day will fly by! 

As videographers, we know how important it is to our

couples that every moment is captured, as your wedding film

will be one of the only physical reminders you

will have to bring your day back to life. 

Here's how we can help keep those memories forever. 

A short film lasting between 3- 6 minutes

produced to a memoriable piece of music

Just the highlight.jpg

I'll be there from 9am until 9pm on the day of your wedding, catching all the best bits

with our 4K HD camera. 

You will pick a piece of music, like the one you chose for your first dance. We'll use this in your video.

I'll get to work and within 1 week, you will receive a link to your 




Add a Professional Photographer to this package:


special moment.jpg

A 25 - 30 minute montage of special 

moments including footage and audio 

of the vows and the grooms speech.

You will receive full day coverage to capture those special moments. When you walk down the aisle, we'll be there to record every tear and smile and catch the special Vows you make, with our high quality audio device. Then we will follow you through the rest of your wedding day, filming the grooms speech, watching you cut your cake and staying with you to capture those delicate steps across the dance floor, as you sway with your loved one to the 1st dance. 

You will receive a 3-5 minute highlight video to music of your choice within a week. The rest of the footage will be carefully edited over 8 weeks. This package is delivered digitally

and via a USB.



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Every Moment.jpg

From getting ready to the first dance; every breath, every tear, every word, every moment is captured in stunning 4k HD video and digital audio. 45 - 90 minutes of footage will be produced. 

We will cover every aspect of your wedding day, making sure to capture every detail. We will record every word at the ceremony with our HD audio devices and film every tear jerking line spoken during all of the speeches. 

We'll take you on a shot, just the two of you as you start your lives as a married couple. We'll follow you into your evening reception to greet your guests and stay with you to film you dancing and enjoying your evening. 

When your big day is over, we'll get to work on producing a 3-5 minute highlight video as above. The rest of the footage will be edited over 12 weeks and delivered digitally and on a USB.




Add a Professional Photographer to this package:


Added Extra's:

Drone use: £440.00

Photography: £685.00 (Provided by Photo Logique)

Printed Photo Albums: from £300.00

Prints: Upon request 

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